Mechanic Wrench

Who We Are

My Dad & Mom and I started business as a Shell Gas Station where I'm at in 1975.  We Bought the building and Started KwikTune KwikLune in 1981. Before that we ran Texaco Gas Stations starting in  1972.  My first job was a Paperboy.  During these times I drove and built Quarter Midgets, Go Karts and Midgets.  I have guided the racing group, a softball team and was a Boy Scout growing up and Scout leader for most of my adult life.  I also helped start and run a Country Dance Group.  My Parents passed away a few years ago, but they instilled in my sisters and I the hard work and being honest ethics that we live by today.  The same traits my sons and daughter display.  All these have helped me run and organize my business over the years.  I don't believe in "Strong Arming" someone into having their car repaired, but will let you know anything I find that needs attention.  And I will let you know those items that can wait to be repaired along with the one that need quicker attention.  Thus my business motto:  "Honest Care For Your Car"  Stop on in and get acquainted or maybe I'll see you on the dance floor.